Intellimax Solutions

Intellimax Solutions provides Business Intelligence and advanced data analytics solutions.
Harnessing the power of industry leading data management capabilities together with unique, user focused, yet enterprise secure technology, Intellimax continues to support innovative and high performing enterprises globally.


Our comprehensive data analytics apps, available for apple and android devices, provide outstanding on-the-move analytics capability for the busy executive. Featuring a powerful report and dashboard rendering engine along with extensive end-user interaction the app provides fully secure and auditable access to key business information, throughout the enterprise.

Enterprise Cloud BI

Enterprise Analytics is a suite of powerful browser based tools providing an unequaled data analytics environment for both seasoned and inexperienced users. Our Analytics capabilities can be deployed on-site, via a dedicated host (private cloud) or through our comprehensive regional Cloud BI Server solution to provide fully secure, high capability, cost-effective data analytics.

Embedded Solutions

Intellimax works with many software vendors to provide an off the shelf Business Intelligence solution for their clients. Our products offer the full range of Intellimax Data Analytics/Business Intelligence capabilities and fill the broad gap between existing “static” reporting environments and the true business insight that today’s customers demand.

News & Events

Intellimax Data Analytics App now available in Apple App Store and Google Play!