About Us

Company Overview

IntelliMax Solutions is an Australian company dedicated to providing leading edge Business Intelligence solutions. Our team represents decades of expertise in software development, project management, technical and business consulting with some of the largest software companies in Australia and overseas.

IntelliMax develop, implement and support business intelligence solutions for customers worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, the US, Asia and Europe. From our highly skilled software development team through to our dedicated support team and implementation consultants, IntelliMax are committed to providing the best possible whole of business data analysis and reporting platform.

Partnerships with key software vendors throughout the world ensure that we can implement our products across a wide range of enterprise systems, minimizing both up-front and ongoing costs.

About Intellimax

Driven by the frustration of working with a large number of customers all struggling with the seemingly basic concept of reporting from easily accessible corporate data, IntelliMax Solutions was formed by the company directors in 2004.

The company grew from an original, innovative concept of using available OLAP (online analytical processing) data warehousing technology and making it affordable and accessible through ease-of-use, powerful, rapid processing.

This was achieved by embedding necessary functionality within Excel and the web browser, platforms almost all prospective users are familiar with.

As a result of significant early success with it’s Excel offering, Intellimax moved into the enterprise space by utilising our core analytics libraries and delivering a full thin client web solution. This further evolved into the comprehensive solution available today.

More recent developments include the delivery of touch themes for our web solution, facilitating easy access from tablets such as iPads and Android devices as well as the ongoing development of our Windows 8 solution, which we believe is the most extensive Windows 8 native BI product available today.

Intellimax will continue to embrace latest technologies to ensure company growth and the best possible solutions for our clients.

Our Team

The IntelliMax team have been carefully selected to form a group which is capable of delivering on the goals of the organisation.

Combined team experience covers all aspects of software development, installation, implementation, technical support and business process support.

The team is drawn from a range of professional disciplines including Project Management, Database Administration, Computer Programming, Business Analytics, Engineering and others, with extensive academic qualifications from Degree level through to more specialised skills such as CPA and high level MBA.

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Intellimax Analytics for Windows 8/8.1 is NOW available in the Windows Store!