business dashboard gauge

I recently attended a Business Intelligence Webinar and was wowed with just how good dashboards looked. There were dynamic scatter charts, moving dials and flashing beacons everywhere. It was like the Blackpool illuminations!! (for those who know the UK) What I found most disturbing though is that while they quoted staggering statistics about dashboards and BI criticality, they distinctly lacked any industry specific examples. It just felt like BI is about glossing up anything and everything, and viewing the same stuff with improved aesthetics.

While dashboard design is unquestionably important, all the people we talk to want a solution that helps them understand their business better. They want innovative ways of structuring information they’ve never had before, find new relationships and build intelligence from the enormous amount of data they already have. Start there, then worry what it looks like; Makes sense.

Here at Intellimax Solutions, we recognise that every customer is different and use our industry experience (Facilities Management, Construction, Retail and Accountancy) to deliver a unique reporting solution with solid business foundations.

After all, no gauge in the world can change the bottom line……………