Pareto eighty twenty principle


Paretos law suggests that 80% of people use only 20% of features when working on a software solution.  This week, we decided to test that theory and conducted a quick survey (just in our office) to see which Microsoft Office functions are commonly used.

The results weren’t exactly surprising. Less than 20% of the features were used “often” and less than 10% “daily”

Why then, do developers of business applications insist on creating so many superfluous functions to the majority of end users?

Here at Intellimax Solutions, we’ve tried to break that mould. We recognise that although buying decisions can be based on the number of functions, we’re not interested in a feature-fight. Instead, we put all our teams’ energy into perfecting the 20% that most people actually use. We keep it simple, reduce training costs and don’t ask customers to pay for things they don’t use.

That way, It just works…….

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