Its 06:30 on a Tuesday morning and I wake to find yet another article about big data flop into my inbox. Is it just me or does anyone else switch off at the mere mention of these words?

The vast majority of companies out there are SMEs. To them, their priority isn’t about finding a data management solution that predicts the future. Neither is it integrating this and modelling that. It’s about making the best use of the current situation and making small steps to improve yet retaining business as usual in the field.

For many execs and managers we speak to, the ability to get even the most basic (current) data seems a dream away. Instead, they appreciate that building information and reporting solutions is a journey that starts with understanding the business, its customers, future direction and realistic time frames to get there. What are the key critical business issues, related factors and how do we get a reporting infrastructure in place to manage that? Get the basics right and build from that.

We often help customers through this process, build Proof of Concepts, test data structures and create simple reporting solutions which solve real problems today.

We know that for them, it’s the small data solutions that count. Maybe, just maybe, it should for the big boys too…………….